How to Achieve your Weight Loss Goals with Hypnosis

Our ability to control and lose weight is affected by the nutritional choices we make, our habits and attitudes towards food. This in turn affects our behaviour which we may have developed as children and continues throughout adult life. Hypnotherapy isn’t usually the first solution people think of when trying to lose weight. Its more likely people will consider a diet and because of this, they’re missing out on one of the most effective ways to control their nutritional choices. Read on to find out how hypnotherapy can help people to effectively lose weight and make better nutritional choices.

So whats the Problem?

Having a healthy body comes down to eating the right foods and staying active, whatever your age or gender. Worryingly, a survey carried out by the NHS found that in 2020 60% of women and 67% of men were overweight or obese. That equates to over 1 in 2 women and 3 out of 5 men having issues with maintaining a healthy weight. This isnt new either with obesity prevalence increasing year on year showing an alarming trend in this area of health in the UK. It would also suggest that weight control could become a larger issue for the majority of the UK population – indicating that there is a genuine need for people to find sufficient solutions for this.

Many people want a quick fix to lose weight and change their body shape with rapid results. Dieting is usually seen as the go to method for achieving this however it rarely produces the results over the long term because there needs to be a fundamental lifestyle change.

There are many reasons why we consume unhealthy junk food or overeat. Commonly people use food (and usually unhealthy choices) as a way to make themselves feel better or as a reward for achieving something. It gets the the point where eating becomes a coping mechanism and an emotional crutch rather than simply for satisfying hunger.  Hypnotherapy delves beneath the surface to identify the emotional triggers that can cause people to use food as a comfort blanket and tackles the problem head on.

Why Hypnotherapy Could be the Answer

By using hypnosis as a therapy for weight loss the client will be able to regain control over their subconscious mind and unwanted behaviours towards food, mostly the habits that are causing them to eat the unhealthy choices. Its not simply about following a regime for meals, hypnotherapy for weight loss and nutrition also helps to reset eating habits at a deeper level. It will help clients to become more self aware and empowered to regain control over deeply ingrained habits and emotional triggers. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology showed that hypnosis, in addition to a weight-management program was more effective in helping patients lose weight over an 8 month period and again at a 2 year mark when compared to those who did not undergo hypnosis. It also states that more of those who use hypnosis not only achieved their personal weight goals, they actually maintained them.

Hypnosis is a secure way to gain control over your weight for the long run by helping you to aim for a positive end goal. Not only will it help you to gain control over your attitude to food and command your eating habits, a course of hypnotherapy is a way to gain more self esteem and create a positive self image. Clients have reported a renewed sense of confidence which affects all parts of their daily life. With dieting comes a sense of guilt and stress when you’ve strayed from the path or have had a relapse but any self-reproach is eliminated with hypnotherapy because its about building a healthy relationship with food through reprogramming the mind to make healthier choices which is better for your body and mind.

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