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Is your alcohol consumption affecting your life?

You may have found your consumption has increased significantly whilst in lockdown to help cope with feelings of anxiety, financial stress and boredom.

If the following applies to you, hypnosis could be the solution you need:

  1. Spending too much on alcohol
  2. Have an overwhelming need for alcohol
  3. Using alcohol to get to sleep
  4. Weight gain from over drinking

If you feel that your drinking is becoming out of control and you are concerned about the effects on your health and wellbeing then Hypnosis can be the solution you need.

Take control of your drinking with my Reduce Alcohol Program

My Reduce Alcohol Program will help you to control your drinking by using the latest hypnotherapy techniques including guided visualisation, relaxation and suggestion therapy.

Try my free download to give you a taster of what to expect from my program.

Some of the benefits you may experience are:

  1. Greater focus and clarity at home and work meaning you are more productive
  2. More energy and less sluggish in the mornings
  3. Lose weight giving you a renewed confidence
  4. Spare cash to spend on what is important in your life
  5. Experience a better night’s sleep.

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