How Hypnotherapy Can Help Manage Your Sugar Cravings

Have your eating habits changed in Lockdown? Do you frequently find yourself reaching for the sugary snacks or convenience ready meals? Many people’s lives have changed drastically during lockdown and so find themselves spending more time at home where the temptations to grab a quick snack is all too much. Has this become all too familiar lately and is becoming a habit? Have you become addicted to certain foods?

A study which was carried out this year surveyed 2,067 adults from across Britain, and reveals that 27 percent of respondents feel they have been eating less healthily during lockdown. This survey commissioned by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has revealed that 63 percent of people in Britain attribute ‘boredom’, and 45 percent of people attribute ‘stress, anxiety and tiredness’ as being one of their main reasons for eating less healthily than usual during lockdown.

You may feel that your cravings have control over you but you can regain control. You have the ability to control your cravings and eliminate them for good. Hypnosis can help you to change the way you think about food by accessing your powerful subconscious mind and by finding the underlying trigger for your habits and cravings.

Here we will focus mainly on sugar addiction as this has been compared to the likes of drug addiction in terms of how powerful this can be and its detrimental effects on health. Sugar influences the same brain feel good chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine as illicit drugs.

What are the symptoms of sugar addiction?

  • Eating certain foods even though you are not hungry.
  • You need more and more of the foods you crave to make you feel better or reduce negative emotions
  • Worrying about eating too much of a certain type of food and feeling sluggish or fatigued from overeating
  • Withdrawal symptoms if you skip your regular sugar fix such as anxiety, shakiness or dizziness

How Hypnosis can help

  • By bringing your food choices to your awareness and the impact on your health
  • Help you to identify and become consciously aware of exactly what emotions you are responding too when choosing food.
  • Increase your motivation to change your habits such as exercise and choosing the right types of food.
  • Achieve your goals to lose a certain amount of weight or achieve a certain dress size or trouser size maybe you are looking to take up a challenge perhaps
  • Change your relationship and attitude to food – help you to eat consciously
  • Improve your self-image and therefore your body confidence.
  • Learn how to manage your cravings and control them rather than they control you

What can you do to help overcome your cravings

  1. Keep a food diary – this will bring your awareness to the types of foods you are eating and your habits. Many people are totally unaware of why they eat what they do and eat almost in a trance.
  2. Eat your food regularly and consistently. Don’t get into the habit of skipping meals like breakfast or lunch as this can affect your blood sugar levels.
  3. Get enough sleep – If you are deprived of sleep and feel exhausted most of the time you are more likely to reach for convenience foods which contain higher levels of sugar and salt so make sure you are getting enough sleep.

The above actions will help you to build the foundations to overcome those nasty cravings. If you feel like you need a more tailored and personal approach contact me on 07546 362 333 for more information on how my online Hypnotherapy course can help. You can book a free initial session with me today and eliminate those cravings for good.

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